The Infinite Potential of Every Single Little Bit

Back when I lived in Philadelphia, a close friend of mine paid a visit to Canada. For months following her trip, every book, movie, cup of coffee & song reminded her of this visit. We would hear detailed stories of all the adventures she had experienced & what divine food, art & people reside there. She had visited Canada for 1 weekend.

I bring this up because this past summer I visited Oregon, and have blithely found traces of my visit materalize just when I feel I need them the most. I often laugh to myself because almost I can hear “When I was in Canada…” everytime I tell an Oregon Story.

However, I really did see so many beautiful things inĀ  Oregon! It was magnificent!

Rachel and I stumbled into land gallery while walking around Portland, entranced by the signage out front and were greeting with jill bliss stationery (among others) on the lower level, and an art gallery on the top.

The art gallery was bright, and quiet. Laying on the pedestals were vintage books that had been painted. I fell in love with them. Today while looking through some design blogs, I stumbled upon this artist again and was thrilled to have remembered seeing these books in person. They are designed and painted by Frank Chimero who actually lives in *swoon* Portland, Oregon.

Seeing them again makes me grin. He has such a talent for typography and pairs it with a tremendous amount of wit. Aren’t they fantastic?

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