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[gallery link="file" columns="4" size="medium" ids="782,783,784,781"] Death SalonĀ holds events that bring together intellectuals and independent thinkers engaged in the exploration of our shared mortality by sharing knowledge and art. I created the branding of this first event with vintage engraved books in mind and subtle hints towards the occult. As Death Salon grew (San Francisco! Philadelphia! London! The Getty in Los Angeles!) more small projects came like the two death positive shirts pictured. I'm so proud to see this branding cross so many platforms.

A Little Flashback to some fun Branding I did for a vegan chef. Offering home delivery meals focused on seasonal foods, she informed me of her huge vintage 60's kitsch cookbook collection. SO MUCH FUN! IĀ poured over these for hours looking at colors, patterns and graphics that could translate that same fun vibe. The client wanted a whimsical and retro look that was very approachable and focused on vegetables. The best part of this job for me was getting to draw all the vintage little icons!