Lowell 35s

Branding | Packaging | Art Direction

Lowell 35’s is a breakout product in cannabis pre-rolls. Fashioned as a long slim pre-roll with features unique to the category, it was our mission to have it exist within the traditional Lowell brand, but also have a sub-brand of it’s own.

The tagline ‘Rolled Superior’ reinforces the unique nature of the pre-roll being rolled precise and clean burning.

The aim with Lowell 35’s was to introduce a lower price point item in a shape / form that has never before been seen in cannabis.

Between package design, photography and education, it quickly became the top-selling pre-roll in Lowell History.

Art Direction, Package Design, Email & Web Design

Creative Direction: Jenelle Campbell
VP of Brand: Spencer Peterson
Designer: Sean Dutton
Photographer: Rachel Lewis